"I’m really surprised at the turnout and I’m very happy to see my counterparts within the industry getting together, catching up and exchanging ideas. This is a very good start and something that everyone can benefit from – getting connected and exchanging information."
~ Eric Haslim

"It was a truly wonderful event, The food and the venue were fantastic and the chance to catch up with people we never normally get to speak to was wonderful. We haven’t been to anything like this before."
~ Prashant Govindan

"I think this has been a stunning success, we’ve had some of the top people in Indonesia here tonight and we’ve made a lot of connections that otherwise wouldn’t have been made. I hope we keep this up."
~ Bernard Grover

"I’ve met people from the industry I don’t normally come into contact with, and it’s been a lot of fun."
~ Ankush Agarwal

"Looking around the event, everyone is a key player in our industry, and it is rare to see them in one place."
~ Rajeev Arora

"It’s great to see Pro Audio Asia host the Indian pro A/V industry and bring together a great cross-section of professionals in this lovely setting, I’ve had the opportunity to sit and have proper, relaxed conversations, which often isn’t possible at a busy trade show."
~ Sushil John